Atlas 2015

                                                www.adamcapone. com            215-872-6126 


University of Chicago          Master Fine ArtsConcentration in sculpture  

 Tufts University/ School of the Museum of Fine ArtsBachelor of Fine Arts                


Site Supervisor Raritan valley habitat for humanity                                        current

 Repurposed Furniture and sculptureLambertville home/studio...           2010- current

Opiary design studio      sculptor /structural design                                       2013-

Thea Flaum Prod./DIY TV  lead designer/builder, for "Junky to Funky"     2006-08

Reforce consulting       creative design consultant                                          2003-current                                       

 University of Chicago  Instructor Visual Language 102                               Spring 2004  

                   Graduate Assistant   -Sculpture 3                                                    2003-2004   

School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston  Alumni recruiter                       2000-03  

          Assistant instructor, foundations                                                                1998-00 

           Teaching/ visiting artist assistant                                                    sep 96-may 99 

            Lab technician; print shop                                                    sep96-Jan 00   

Contemporary Arts Center, North Adams Mass.  teaching assistant/ lab technician summer98 

Penland School of Arts and Crafts     Studio/ teaching asst ;drawing         June/July 2000   



 “Works On Paper”:   smfa Boston                                                            Jan. and Feb. 97

“A Beautiful Show For Beautiful People Oni Gallery, Boston             April 99

 Curator “Capone Asquith” at SMFA’s C Gallery:                                     June 99

Co-curator “You Are Worth It”, Atlanta’s Eyedrum Gallery:                 Jan. 2000

Co-curator “Club Level” The Gelb Gallery, Andover Mass.                   April 2000

Assisted Christian Boltanski in ;  “Reflections”, exhibited at MFA       August 2000

Speaker at Highland Park “Passion for the Arts” Consortium              March 04

Graduate fellowship- University of Chicago                                            2001-2003

Post graduate teaching fellowship University of Chicago-                             2003            

  Franke InstituteMFA shows                                       Sept. 2002 and Sept. 2003

“MFA Thesis exhibition” Gallery 312 Chicago                                     June 2003

“Emerging Artists” Lubesnik Center for the Arts, Michigan City         July 2003

 Group show at ARC , Chicago                                                                        2004

Stray Show” with Mule Gallery                                                          Spring 2004

Appearance on PAX TV "For Her Information" : Spatial Solutions      Feb. 2005

 Re-purposed furniture Junky To Funky DIY network                                  07-08

"Select Artists"         New Hope Arts Center                                                   2009 2010

Bucks County Design House with Gacek Design Group                               2010

Helping Hands       New Hope Arts Center                                                      2010

ARTifact, Las Vegas NV                                                                                       2012-current

The Wood Collective,  The A Space, New Hope Pa.                                      2014, 15

"Works in Wood"  New Hope Arts Center     (best sculpture 2011, 2015)              2008-2018

 "Sculpture New Hope"  New Hope Arts Center(best sculpture award 2011, 2014,2015)       2009 -2018

Naked In NewHope, Side Tracks Gallery, New Hope PA.  

(Robin Larsen award 2015, gallery award 2016)                                               2014,15,16,17

Transformations, Side Tracks Gallery , New Hope Pa.        (solo)                           2015

Chasm, Fraser St Gallery, State College PA.                                                        2015

Hunterdon Art Tour, Hunterdon Art Museum Clinton Nj                                     2017

FaceMaps,  Trenton City Museum , Trenton NJ                                                  2017

Solo Exhibition SideTracks Art NewHope Pa.                    opens april7 2018




Brief Statement. . .

 I feel a bit like Doctor Frankenstein. I find these corpses; furniture, architectural remnants . I dissect them. I find something that resembles a wing or an ear & notice that two disparate furniture parts align to simulate a toothy grin.  I try to set my ego aside and allow these materials to conduct their ownweddings  and to assemble some form of character, of archetype, some form of meaning. Then I cut, sand, grind, bolt, sew, paint and burn. I think of these objects as totems, symbols and incantations. I measure their geometric composition and try to animate it in subliminal  ways.  I allow a square to behave like a circle or a star to distort to the left. I try to help a table leg evoke the nose of an ancient god or to help the viewer to think of an oak mid 19th century doorway rosette as the eye of a phoenix.  I'm interested  in the suspension of disbelief, objects that are coming into being, symbols that are incomplete, unexpected asymmetry. These objects are very much about the cognitive process of imagination, suspension of disbelief , how sculpture can manipulate our ontological mapping of the objects around us, and how we complete symbols to create meaning.